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Europecoin (ERC)
Europecoin (ERC)

Europecoin is a worldwide currency, that is borderless and aims to provide a general usability for any party, to do any financial task. However, its run by a group, that is rooted in the European activism movement for a decentralized and self-organizing humanity. Our cryptocurrency is therefore run and shaped by this spirit and aims, to make it easier and safer for the world, to deal with Europe, without the need of trade agreements. This includes building the specs,tools and the environment, to make Europecoin useful, easy, attractive and accessible, to foster adoption.

Besides our unique wallet with AES Patternsearch POW and with Termdeposit functionality, we are developing the "Financecloud API". This product follows our idea, that functions should be placed best, into an "inter blockchain" protocol, rather than into any currencies core. The protocol should be as open, universal and accessible, as possible,for any service, person or blockchain and should be working invisible for the user. This is why Financecloud API results in an easy device for your home network. When plugged into your router it can provide a hardware encryption-secured interface, for cross-coin transactions, functions and services, chosen from the appstore.

First developer devices are planned, to be delivered at the end of June 2018 and our goal is to finish the final product in December 2018.

Total Premine: n/a
Total Supply: 32,000,000

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