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Blocknet (BLOCK)
Blocknet (BLOCK)

The Blocknet is the internet of blockchains. It orchestrates dapps and smart contracts into a "token ecosystem" via blockchain routing & decentralized exchange.

The Blocknet Protocol is a true peer-to-peer protocol between nodes on different blockchains. This enables the transfer of data and value between blockchains and opens the door to cross-chain dapps.

The Blocknet community has been developing this technology since 2014. Our decentralized governance system and open source code ensures that every blockchain is free to interact without centralized entities.

Block DX
Introducing Block DX, the first dapp built on the Blocknet Protocol. Block DX is a truly decentralized exchange that enables trading freedom for connected blockchain communities. Listing on Block DX is free and does not require our permission or control.

Peer to Peer
With Block DX you'll never have to send your coins to a 3rd party wallet for trading. You maintain ownership at all times. Block DX mediates exchanges peer-to-peer, wallet to wallet with no 3rd party.

Trading Freedom
Block DX offers absolute trading freedom between any two coins. Communities can trade coins between each other directly.

Centralized Exchange Liquidity
Block DX can provide centralized trading platforms with additional liquidity. Exchanges looking to settle accounts can trade with Blocknet users to obtain this liquidity via BIP65 atomic swaps.


Total Premine: -
Total Supply: 5,157,011 (Circulating Supply)

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