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Nexus (NXS)
Nexus (NXS)

The World’s First Three Dimensional Blockchain

The 3D Chain is an evolution of Blockchain protocol being built from the ground up to provide a strong foundation for Nexus and other future projects using the technology. Using a unique implementation of three consensus channels, Nexus will transform the blockchain into a 3D process called the 3 dimensional chain. By adapting to transaction volume, using trust to secure the network, and weighting transactions to determine the most efficient use of resources, the 3DC will increase decentralization and limit the influence exerted by any one system. The 3DC protocol will organically scale to meet network computational demands, which means the network will get faster as more nodes join the system.

The 3DC framework will maximize decentralization through diversity, using three different channels to verify and lock transactions into the chain. Each channel will be optimized to use a different consensus model (witnessing, stake-weights, and proof of work), and this will reduce the risk of miner centralization endangering the network...

The Nexus 3D blockchain will distribute transaction processing across multiple channels working synergistically to increase transaction throughput as resources increase, providing on-chain scalability...

Nexus’s revolutionary Lower Level Database (LLD) facilitates the automatic selection of nodes to service subsets of the 3D blockchain structure. The LLD provides dynamic data retrieval, which enables the partitioning of the entire 3D blockchain across nodes. This significantly reduces blockchain bloat from storing the complete blockchain, without pruning or snapshotting...


Total Premine: -
Total Supply: 57,322,745 (Circulating Supply)

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