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Ubiq (UBQ)
Ubiq (UBQ)

Ubiq is a decentralized platform which allows the creation and implementation of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

Built upon an improved Ethereum codebase, the Ubiq blockchain acts as a large globally distributed ledger and supercomputer, allowing developers to create decentralized and automated solutions to thousands of tasks which today are carried out by third party intermediaries.

Full desktop wallet for UBQ and Ubiq based tokens.

Browser based, client-side wallet for UBQ and Ubiq based tokens.

Secure your funds offline with a dedicated hardware wallet.

Go-ubiq (Gubiq) is the official golang implementation of the Ubiq protocol.

With a diverse range of specializations and vast experience in both blockchain and traditional financial services,the Ubiq development team is committed to providing the most stable, flexible, and bug-free platform available for the development of enterprise applications. This is accomplished through extensive observation, testing, and improvements to the various blockchain technologies currently available.


Total Premine: -
Total Supply: 40,858,037 (Circulating Supply)

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