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Onz Coin (ONZ)
Onz Coin (ONZ)

ONZ believes in the power of social media with the effort people give and the time they spend on numerous platforms. Community networks can become a resource with which we can better the world.

ONZ is an encrypted, distributed database shared across multiple computers or nodes that are part of a community or system. Here is why a blockchain can move foundational social media to an entirely new level.

- Decentralization
- Public networks (DPOS)
- Transactions between different social media platforms medias
- Freedom of speech
- Store of value

The principle idea of ONZ is to integrate social media platforms with DPOS blockchain technology to transform appreciation on social media platforms into ONZ coin which is a transferable token.

ONZ is based on four key elements which make up the ecosystem called, ONZ Space

Element 1:

ONZ Probe - The key component working as the only channel to integrate with social media platforms. The probe is not only a software development but a key piece of the puzzle for social media platforms to work with the integration.

Element 2:

ONZ Scale - The second most important element to ONZ Space. An algorithm is being developed to evaluate the data feed from the ONZ Probe. ONZ Scale will quantify the social media weight of the individual. This weight will be transformed into ONZ Coin.

Element 3:

ONZ Stamp - A component used to digitize social media assets used to verify whether a post is original or not. Through the promotion of social media copyrights, ONZ Stamp will distinguish originals and reposts to properly assign a weight properly.

Element 4:

ONZ Coin – ONZ Coin is the backbone of the network as it is utilized to make payment to individuals from the posting of original content. Everyone in the community keeps their coin in their ONZ Wallet. Each wallet has a unique address which works as the identifier in the network.

Total Premine: 180,000,000
Total Supply: 921,311,515

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