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UltraNote (XUN)
UltraNote (XUN)

UltraNote is much more than a coin, it is a lifestyle facilitator and a business partner. With UltraNote anyone, anywhere at any time, can execute instant borderless fund transfer, send instant messages and deposit coins for interest. UltraNote ecosystem has been developed on top of the cutting edge CryptoNote blockchain distinctively for unchallenged confidential financial transaction, messaging as well as file transfer. In addition to private usage, UltraNote coin is furthermore a strategic tool for both start-up as well as mature companies to accelerate growth by offering strategic business facilities that save both time and financial resources.

Until today there has been no proven confidential avenue for private individuals as well as high profile organisations to either message their peers/ associates or transfer files. With UltraNote both private users as well as high profile organisations dealing with confidential clients’ information will have the opportunity to not only optimize the level of privacy they operate with but also cut costs by reducing friction costs. For instance with UltraNote Coin it is easy to outsource the organisation’s communication infrastructure. No servers costs, no courier fees to transfer confidential files, lower friction costs matched with even lower transaction costs.

18 billion premined and blockchain deposited to fund future development.

Total Premine: 18000000000
Total Supply: 85000000000

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