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Cryptonex (CNX)
Cryptonex (CNX)

Cryptonex is a cryptocurrency purchase and sale service between people, in which Cryptonex is a transaction guarantor.

In your time: the transaction time is set by the initiator. Transactions are carried out in real time.
On your terms: in real time you agree on the payment terms, the amount received, any additional guarantees.
On your territory: if the transaction is offline, you choose a place for it.
Without limits: the service does not limit transactions number and amount.
Transactions with guarantee: cryptocurrency for sale is blocked by the service, until the recipient gets the funds from the buyer.

P-o-S mining:
Cryptonex offers its users to get profit with the help of P-o-S mining. The profit is 12% annually + commissions from the transactions your wallet will confirm. CNX price growth is not included in the income. To get the reward from mining, you need to register a web wallet, buy CNX coins, transfer the coins to the desktop wallet and keep it online as long as possible. You no longer have to spend money on miners and video cards. Depending on the wallet balance, reward is deposited daily.


Total Premine: -
Total Supply: 106,690,495

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