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CloakCoin (CLOAK)
CloakCoin (CLOAK)

Enigma is the first public iteration of Cloak's private, secure and
untraceable payment system. Enigma transactions are 'cloaked' by other
users, who receive a reward for their assistance.

The other users provide inputs and outputs to the Enigma transaction making it impossible to determine the true source and destination of the cloak transfer. All Enigma messages on the network are hashed and encrypted for the recipient using CloakShield to ensure data security and integrity.

Features Include:

Experience almost instant transactions. No more waiting for slow blocktimes or network transactions to take place.

Earn rewards
Everyone can earn more with Cloak. 6% annual interest is rewarded for simply staking your coins in your wallet.

Untraceable to you
Cloak has onion-routing privacy set to default, or switch on state of the art ENIGMA for the ultimate in cloaking.

Community focused
We live and breathe community and rely upon active participation and volunteers to help the project. Get involved.


Total Premine: -
Total Supply: 5,130,039 (Circulating Supply)

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