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Rupee (RUP)
Rupee (RUP)

Adam Syed who started Rupee coin in 2016.
It is not a startup or an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Rupee Coin is a decentralised, open-source blockchain cryptocurrency coin. It is based on the proven and reliable Litecoin source code and is presently available on several exchanges. It trades under the symbol RUP. First launched in 2016, today there are roughly 22 million Rupee coins in circulation.The name-recognition of Rupee as a brand is designed to be the go to digital currency for South Asia.
Rupee is not related in any way to the fiat Rupee currencies of South Asian countries. Rupee is a decentralised cryptocurrency and happens to be the namesake of these centralized fiat currencies.
Available on Cryptopia & CoinExchange
Rupee utilises a PoW algorithm. reward for each block of Rupee is 50 Rupee coins.

Total Premine: 3.5 million
Total Supply: 84,000,000

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Owner: M C
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