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Siacoin (SC)
Siacoin (SC)

Cloud storage is about to change. Are you ready?

Sia is a decentralized storage platform secured by blockchain technology. The Sia Storage Platform leverages underutilized hard drive capacity around the world to create a data storage marketplace that is more reliable and lower cost than traditional cloud storage providers.

Completely Private
Sia encrypts and distributes your files across a decentralized network. You control your private encryption keys and you own your data. No outside company or third party can access or control your files, unlike traditional cloud storage providers.

Far More Affordable
On average, Sia's decentralized cloud storage costs 90% less than incumbent cloud storage providers. Storing 1TB of files on Sia costs about $2 per month, compared with $23 on Amazon S3.

Highly Redundant
Sia distributes and stores redundant file segments on nodes across the globe, eliminating any single point of failure and ensuring uptime that rivals traditional cloud storage providers.

Open Source
Sia’s software is completely open source, with contributions from leading software engineers and a thriving community of developers building innovative applications on the Sia API.

Marketplace On Blockchain
Using the Sia blockchain, Sia creates a decentralized storage marketplace in which storage providers compete for your business, which leads to the lowest possible prices. Renters pay using Siacoin, which can also be mined and traded.


Total Premine: -
Total Supply: 34,048,076,000

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