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Nowadays the virtual space is facing a hurricane of cryptocurrencies stirring up millions of people's minds around the world. The glory and success of Bitcoin project inspires many enthusiasts, so almost every day there are more and more new digital coins and tokens being created.

Unfortunately, the quality of ~90% of blockchain projects leaves much to be desired, and is sometimes really appalling. Seekers of profit and making money at the expense of others, scammers and crooks creating clones of well-known cryptocurrencies, faking names, logos, injecting hidden viruses in source code and binaries – the cryptoworld has never been such a dangerous
place as it is now.

XDNA Foundation:

We think about the world. We realize that there are many charity
organizations under the sun providing free assistance to those in need. We also want to be a part of something bright and good, helping people.

We have created the XDNA Foundation – the cryptocurrency charity fund
aimed at providing targeted assistance to organizations and funds with
insufficient or no funding.

To start up the Foundation, 350,000 XDNA have been allocated. The assets of this Fund are credited to a special address assigned to the Foundation. The amount of XDNA in the Foundation`s purse is public and controlled information: it is enough to open the blockexplorer and search for the wallet address available on the XDNA official website in the appropriate section.


Total Premine: 971,712
Total Supply: 2,011,292

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